Yes it does really work. Most clients start noticing changes after the third session. Each client is different and has different needs, therefore the number of recommended treatments will be discussed during the consultation. In our salon we offer packages of 5 and 10 sessions to achieve a visible result. After achieving the desired look, 1-2 treatments a month will help maintain a new figure.

You may experience a slight tingling and redness and your skin will usually feel immediately softer. As the treatment stimulates your lymphatic circulation, you may find you may need to visit the bathroom more regularly. This indicates that your body is already ridding itself of excess fluid containing toxins and fat deposits. We strongly encourage you to drink plenty of water to facilitate this elimination of toxins. Many people report feeling more energetic after treatment, so scheduling exercise after your treatment is a great idea.

Endermologie does not hurt at all. It is like a deep massage and is very relaxing. Most women are surprised at how pleasant the massage actually feels. The intensity of the treatment can be individually adjusted to the client’s comfort level.